What do we do?

What do we do?
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Tuesday, July 23, 2013

We ebb and we flow....

I am, by nature, one who responds best to CHAOS.  If life is filled to the brim, business is over flowing and opportunities abound - then I am happy.  However, when the reverse is true, I am practically paralyzed.  Why is this I wonder?

Too much time on my hands and I sit and stare ahead, trying to think of things to do or words to write.  Should I use this time to look for new business, correspond with old friends or customers, work on my book?  Yes!  Do I - no.

Not sure what it is about activity that breeds activity and stagnation that breeds the same.  It should, in my opinion, be vice versa.  When you aren't busy - do a flurry of things that will generate business.  When you are, learn to find the space and time to relax.  But no, right now my nose is to the ground looking for the next crisis so I can get motivated again.

I suspect there are more out there like me....and if so, please share what you do to put the car back in gear.  Mine - right now - is in park.


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