What do we do?

What do we do?
We DO custom caps!!!

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Custom Design


Do you want your package to stand out from competitve packages in your product category?  Or, is your preference to mimic your biggest competitor?   These are questions that all marketing departments analyze when building a brand. What are the PROS and CONS of custom design?

PROS: Your product will...

1.  Stand out on the shelf if the design is well thought out and consistent with your industry profile (read that customer appeal).

2.  Set your position in the buyer's mind.  Certain brands have become iconic with a particular cap design.

3.  Encourage the consumer to pick it up to look at it - chances are they will not put it back into their cart.

4.  Integrate package design which can reduce the overall cost of production and distribution.

5.  Have the right look and sell.

CONS: You could have:

1.  Potential for slightly higher component costs.

2.  Longer lead time to start production.

3.  Possibly higher piece part pricing and/or capital investment.

Sometimes something as small as the overcap makes all the difference in a successful launch.  Rather than spend a lot of money changing cans, labels and/or cartons - make that one small change to the cap and see how it enhances the look of the package.  A custom cap and/or actuator can make a brand iconic - see Fabreze or Axe as examples. 

Make that small investment in your brand.  You will not be sorry.

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