What do we do?

What do we do?
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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Initiative...who me?

One of the best skills someone can have in business and, more importantly, in life, is taking initiative. People who do things without being asked are the ones who get ahead. It is such a simple skill to have but it saves an incredible amount of time. Employees who take initiative cut out the middle men of communication and are often highly trusted.

These people are often the most valuable in the workplace. As a manager, they are the people you want working for you. They often think outside the box, come up with new productive ways of doing business, and pay for themselves in the short and long-term with their ideas and work ethic.

It is commonly thought that taking initiative is a mindset; someone either has it or doesn’t have it. I tend to think that taking initiative has a lot to do with your level of interest in what you are doing. If you are passionate about your job it becomes second nature. When you are doing something that you are NOT passionate about,  you will have to take the first step by doing some extra research on your own time and finding things about what you are doing that you do like. Not everyone is going to love every aspect about their job and/or life. If you find something you do like and work a little harder in the areas you are not as strong in - you can still find success!

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Thursday, May 3, 2012

LEADING Edge Customer Service - Empower

To be effective in customer service, the company must EMPOWER it's employees to be poised to serve and to immediately respond to the customers' issues.  Through proper training, each employee should be authorized to provide solutions.  CSR's salvage damaged relationships and protect your company's investment.  What matters more is your Customer Service Rep's personal ATTITUDE...

E = Empower

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A = Attitude!!!!

excerp from my brochure on LEADing Edge Customer Service


Wednesday, May 2, 2012

LEADing Edge Customer Service

Earning the loyalty of your customers is the result of consistently offering quality service. Being there when they need help and making sure you help them should be your number one priority! It requires that you LISTEN with the intent to understand. In customer service situations, listening skills hold the key to satisfying customers. Before you can solve customers' problems, you must understand them. Listen for words and concepts; listen for facts and emotion; listen for problems and solutions - which are often embedded in the information the customer gives you.


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 (excerpts from my brochure on LEADing Edge Customer service) Send an email to faye@estylecaps.com if you would like a copy!